The customer is at the heart of our business at Merlin Brands. Each decision starts and ends with our customers. From the thought process in creating each product to the holistic distribution strategy and extended after sales care, the customer is at the centre of all our decisions.


Something for Everyone

We at Merlin Brands want our brands to be inclusive and to be able to offer something to everyone. From baby and toddler essentials to home furnishings and insulated drinkware, we are always looking for new ways to delight our customers with a wide variety of products that are easily available to them. We want everyone to have a piece of Merlin Brands with them and will soon start personalizing our products for customers, just the way they like it.


The Happiness factor 

Merlin Brands is a happy bunch of people and we strive to spread these happy vibes to all our customers, distributors and partners through our products, work ethic, strategic approach and professionalism. We believe that abundance stems from a positive mindset and we can all achieve this together!

Distribution is the key

The Product, however great it is needs a distribution that can take it to the consumer in the way it deserves to.


Home Stores

250+ stores


Baby Stores

150+ Stores


Toy Stores

180+ Stores



16 Stores


Hobby Stores

30+ stores


Lifestyle Stores

60+ Stores